Gundar Paak (Pend)

Name:  Chhayaben Pradipbhai Shah

Address: 106/884, Nirmal Apartmtents, Jay Mangal BRTS, 132 Ring Road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad – 380015

Phone No:  9909914291


Edible Gum (obtained from Babool tree) – 200 gms

Full fat milk – 2 litres

Cashewnuts – 100 gms

Almonds – 100 gms

Walnuts – 200 gms

Dry coconut – 150 gms

Khus Khus – 50 gms

Dried Dates (Kharek) – 200 gms

Unprocessed Sugar (Saakar) – 750 gms

Dried Ginger powder – 100 gms

Ganthoda  powder – 25 gms

White Musli – 25 gms

Ghee – 400 gms

Magaj tari seeds – 25 gms


Take 250 gms ghee in a kadai. Thereafter saute the edible gum in the ghee. The gum crystals will starts forming light bubbles. Once all the crystals are sautéed well add the milk. The milk will start curdling. Keep mixing it till the whole mixture thickens well. Then add sugar to this mixture. Then add grinded dried dates followed by dessicated coconut. Mix everything well and then add the rest of the ingredients except the ghee. Once everything is mixed well add the remaining ghee and mix well again. Within 20 minutes the ghee will separate from the mixture. Once the mixture thickens, cool it and store in ain air tight container.

This sweet should be consumed daily during winters to provide strength to bones and for immunity.

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