Multi- grain Spicy Porridge – ‘Khichdi’

Multi- grain Spicy Porridge – ‘Khichdi’

Innovator / Sender: Jyoti Dholakia
Address:24/143,Pragatinagar, Naranpura,Ahmedabad,380013,Gujarat.

Ingredients: Jowar 100g, corn 100g, pearl millet 100g, cracked rice 50g, bengal gram 50g, edible oil or ghee 2tsp., bay leaf and clove as per taste, soaked peanuts 25g. Grated coconut 1⁄2 bowl, chopped cashew and raisins, cardamom powder as per taste, salt and sugar as per taste, ginger green chilly paste 1 tsp., sesame seed oil 1bowl.

Method of preparation: Crush the seeds of jowar, corn and pearl millet seeds. Separately soak all the seeds overnight in water. Drain the water in the morning and steam cook all the cereals. In a pan take spoonful of oil or ghee (clarified butter) and put few cloves and bay leaves. Pour all the steamed cereals one by one into the pan. Add grated coconut, chopped cashew and raisins, cardamom powder, bay leaf and clove powder, salt, sugar and ginger -green chilly paste. Stir the contents continuously. Also add the soaked peanuts and then cover the pan for a couple of minutes. Pour the porridge into a serving bowl. To serve decorate with cashew pieces, raisins and shredded coriander and mint leaves. Lastly sprinkle a few spoons of sesame seed oil on the porridge.

Speciality of the recipe: All the cereals are cracked therefore this recipe becomes a rich source of dietary fibre. It helps to remove problems of constipation and obesity.

This recipe is served on auspicious occasions like naming ceremony of a child in the “Naagar” community of Gujarat.
To convert this recipe into a whole some food item and kind of vegetables can be added to enhance its nutritive value.

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