Panipuri Salad with Sprouted Rajko (Lucerne)

Name:  Rita R Modi

Address: 304, Surbhi Apartments, Near Sant Kabir School, Naranpura,  Ahmedabad

Phone No:  7383142716, 9427308632


Sprouted Chana (Desi chickpeas)

Sprouted Moong

Sprouted Rajko (Lucerne)

Boiled Potato – 1

Cucumber – 1

Tomato – 1

American Corn – ½

Cabbage- ½ cup

Strawberry –  3 to 4

Kiwi – 1

Black Salt

Juice of lemon

Mint leaves – 30 gms

Coriander leaves – 20 gms

Green chillies – 3


Firstly wash and finely chop all the vegetables and fruits.  Take a large salad bowl and mix these with all the sprouts. Now in a mixture jar take mint leaves, coriander, juice of lemon, green chillies, black salt and a pinch of salt. Make a fine paste of all these ingredients. Now add the paste to all the chopped fruits and vegetables.

Medicinal/Nutritive value: This salad contains a lot of vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamins and fibre content.

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