For the basket

Ragi flour – 1⁄4 cup
Corn flour – 1⁄4 cup
Barley flour – 1⁄4 cup
Jowar flour – 1⁄4 cup
Pearl Millet (Bajra) flour – a cup Soy flour -1 tbsp

Ginger garlic chilli paste – 2 tbsp Carom seeds (Ajwain) – 1⁄2 tsp Sesame seeds – 1 tsp
Salt – as per taste

For the filling

Finely chopped cucumber, onion, beetroot and tomatoes – 2 tbsp each Sprouted green gram (mung) – 2 tbsp
Pomegranate seeds – 2 tbsp
Wood apple, dates and tamarind chutney – as per taste

Green coriander chutney – as per taste Finely chopped coriander leaves – 2 tbsp Sev – 2 tbsp
Salt – as per taste


Mix all the flours and add ginger garlic chilli paste, salt, sesame seeds and carom seeds to them. Make a dough by a adding small amount of water. Make small baskets from the dough. Steam them in a steamer. In a bowl, add finely chopped vegetables, chat masala, coriander leaves and mix well. Boil the sprouted mung and add the boiled sprouts to the bowl containing the filling mixture. Now, add this filling to the baskets and top it with both the chutneys. Garnish it with sev and serve.

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