The farmers, who practice organic farming get the opportunity of selling their products directly to the urban buyers. The visitors are delighted to find some uncommon grains from the tribal areas of Gujarat like old varieties of red rice, krishna-kumud rice, local varieties of soyabean and minor millets like Bawto, Bunti, Ragi and Kaali moong. Apart from the usual vegetables, the colocassia leaves and bulbs, drumstick, single-bulb garlic (good for heart), gooseberries, yam, pumpkin along with all kinds of organic vegetable and green leafy produce are usually sold in good volume. Guavas, cactus fruits (Prickly pear), tulsisudha, khatti bhindi and takmaria (basil plant seed) juices are prepared and sold by the farmers in the haat itself. Farmer across the country be a part of it and bring their own produce such as region wise local grains, vegetables, spices, herbs etc for sale.

Some rare delicacies are only available at Sattvik. To name a few banni ka mawa (a famous variety of mawa only made in deserts of Banni region in Kutchh, Gujarat), nagli ni sukhdi, kothumbura (cucumber) waffers, sharad saakar (sugar especially prepared in the moonlight on the Sharad Purnima). Some interesting items for sale in the haat are black soil and goats’ droppings as fertilizer. According to majority of visitors, Sattvik is a delight and treat for urban cities, households and people. People of all ages come to relish and savour the traditional cuisines and the organic grains, vegetables can be sourced from directly the growers.