SATTVIK – the festival to celebrate traditional nutritious food and associated knowledge systems was started fourteen years ago at the IIM-A, to provide market based incentives for conserving agro-biodiversity. Creation of demand for rarely or less cultivated nutritionally rich crops and varieties may stimulate their cultivation. The paradox of development is that the food rich eat, is often poor. While food that poor grow in poorer regions is richer. In less rainfall regions, soil minerals don’t leach much and thus crops grown there like millets, sorghum pulses, etc., are richer. This festival aspires to put the lesser known but nutrient-rich food from various states on the plate of urban communities helping them to adopt healthier food habits and lifestyle. The festival also hopes to encourage the farmers to grow such crops and augment their incomes. Thus, we seek your presence and participation in the event. Sattvik also hosts an innovation exhibition by National Innovation Foundation, and Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network.

The following events will be part of the Sattvik:

  • Farmers’ fair of organic and eco-friendly agro- products
  • Crafts, Pottery, Folk Dance and Songs
  • Exhibition of Grassroots Innovations

Objectives of the “Sattvik – Traditional Food Festival

  • To popularise minor millets for public consumption by providing a platform for popularizing traditional recipes made using forgotten crop varieties like kodra (Paspalum scrobiculatum), bavta/nagli/ragi (Eleusine coracana), samo (Echinocloa colonum), jowar (Sorghum vulgare), bajri (Pennisetum glaucum), maize (Zea mays) and to reconstitute the taste and nutritional value among the urban people with a vision to conserve and raise the demand of such lesser known varieties
  • To augment biodiversity conservation by preparing and popularizing varieties of delicious dishes from unknown/uncultivated plants and vegetables which are not being consumed by people due to ignorance about their nutritional value
  • To popularise traditional performing art forms like folklore, folk songs, art and forgotten traditional musical instruments
  • To bring Grassroots Innovations to limelight by organizing an exhibition to promote creative rural grassroot innovators and students
  • To establish ‘Farmers Haat’ for farmers engaged in organic farming to help them in selling their organic products directly to the consumers (sale of items like minor millets, grains, pulses, spices, vegetables, cow , ghee, sesame oil, different types of roots and chemical free jaggery etc.)
  • To provide a platform for development organisations engaged in social transformation and promotion of healthy life-style and expose urban people to such development initiatives

Join us to conserve the depleting agro-biodiversity and popularise healthy thoughts, practice and values!

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