About “Art for All”


“Art is a language that speaks through all social barriers. “


“Art for All” is an in-house initiative by SRISTI, taking a step further in embracing one of its own fundamental philosophies of co-creation for their 15th Sattvik Traditional Food Festival.

Sattvik, primarily began as a festival to promote conservation of agro-biodiversity and creation of demand for nutritional crops, which are rarely or less cultivated now. With time it transformed into a culturally diverse program that hosts a variety of events-

  • Farmers’ fair of organic and eco-friendly agro-products.
  • Competitions highlighting children’s creativity and biodiversity knowledge.
  • Exhibition of Grassroots Innovations.
  • Crafts, Pottery, Folk Dance and Songs.

Samvedana(empathy) to Srijansheelta (creativity)

We at SRISTI firmly believe in utilizing the power of “empathy” to source a chain reaction of events eventually creating an impact or leading into a solution to local problem.

Similarly “Art for All” helps establish a clear relation between the artist, the art and the viewer. The artist relates and empathizes with a problem he/she/they want to address, employing their creativity to create an impactful experience through their artwork; and the viewers engage through reflecting on it.

Important Notes-

  • The material to be put to use can be as abstract and unconventional as your art installation.
  • The participants could be a group or an individual.
  • The installation will be displayed for a period of three days during the Sattvik Food Festival.

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  • Nilesh Posted December 22, 2017 6:58 am

    We have to bring it on panel or paper ?

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