Ashtamrit health drink

Ashtamrit health drink

Innovator /Sender: Heema P. Shah

Address: B,303, Vijay Complex Vasna, Ahmedabad- 380007. 1/2

Ingredients:Emblicaofficinalis(amla)fruit10,Mint(Mentha)leaf 1/2cup, basil (Ocimum sanctum) leaves 1⁄2 cup , ginger slices 3 tsp., lemon juice 1⁄2 cup, ardusi (Adhatoda) leaf juice, sugar 1 bowl.

Method of Preparation: Prepare a sugar syrup and let it cool down Wash and clean all the other ingredients. Grate and grind all the leaves together. Pour the mixture of leaves into the sugar syrup, and stir vigorously. Strainthe juiceanduseitasarefreshinghealthdrink.

Medicinal Benefits: This recipe can serve as an all purpose health drink and a proven stamina enhancer. It also improves immunity towards many diseases. Ginger and Ardusi provide relief to cough. Amla (Emblica officinalis) is a rich source of dietary iron. Ocimum sanctum has anti-inflammatory properties that help in curbing that inflammation caused diseases like arthritis and cancer. People suffering from sprains, sore muscles, psoriasis, burns, bruises, sunburn, scalds can use Ocimum sanctum. It is an excellent remedy for diabetes as well. The disorders in our digestive tract can also be corrected by Ocimum sanctum. A juice of Ocimum sanctum leaves, which can be taken at least twice a day results in noticeable improvements. Immune system is strengthened by the anti-oxidant property of Ocimum sanctum. Acidity, diabetes and toothache are some other disorders that are taken care by this plant. ( Ocimumsanctummedicinaluses.html).

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