Black Til (Sesame seeds) Laddus

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Black til (sesame seeds) – 250 gms

Dates – 150 gms

Ghee – 2 tsp

Powdered sugar – 50 gms

Dessicated coconut – ½ cup

Method:Take 1 tsp ghee in a kadai and saute the dates. Now let the dates cool down a bit. Now in a separate kadai, dry roast the black til and crush them together with the dates in a mixer. Now add powdered sugar,  1 tsp ghee and dessicated coconut. Mix everything well and mix well. Now make laddus from the mixture. Spread some dessicated coconut on a plate and roll the laddus on the dessicated coconut so that it forms a layer. Laddus are ready to serve.

 Medicinal/Nutritive value:

The body gets heat through black til. It helps in mental weakness and is high in calcium content.

Dates help in getting rid of obesity. It is good for healthy teeth and improves blood levels.

Coconut is like a boon for pregnant women as it very important for brain development of a child.

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