Bread of Kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum)

Bread of Kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum)

Innovator/Sender: Veena behen Sheenabhai Hathila (Patel),

Shakubehen Ravjibhai Hathila (Vagvadi Street)

Ingredients: Kodo millet flour 500g.

Method of preparation: Prepare dough of Kodo millet flour and make small portions of the dough. Roll out thick chapatis. Bake these one by one on a flat pan.

About the plant: Kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum) is a cereal plant. This crop is grown in the monsoon season.

Medicinal Importance: This plant provides energy to patients who are physically weak. It improves the overall health. It is easy to digest and therefore an ideal diet during stomach disorders. It is suitable for infants and ailing aged persons.

Kodo millet, a staple food of Africa and North India, offers a variety of potential nutritional and health benefits. Paspalum scrobiculatum shows anti-diabetic potential. A paste made from its seeds speeds up wound healing because significant increases in levels of protein and collagen occurred at wound sites.

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