-Barley, one cup each

-Sorghum, one cup each

-Maize, one cup each




-Green chillie paste

-Sugar – ½ tsp


-Turmeric powder

-Green coriander

Powdered peanuts

-Sesame seeds & curd.


-Mustard seeds

-Curry leaves

-Sesame seeds

-Green coriander chopped

-Freshly scrapped coconut


Take 1 Cup each of Barley, Sorghum and Maize flour and add salt and oil, ginger and green chilli paste, half tsp.sugar, asafoetida, turmeric powered, green coriander, powdered peanuts, sesame seeds and curd.

Mix all the ingredients to make dough. Make oval shape balls and steam for 15 minutes in a strainer. Once it cools, cut them into pieces.

For the seasoning: Add oil in a pan and allow it to heat. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves and sesame seeds. Add this hot mixture on the cut balls along with green coriander, lime juice and freshly scraped coconut.


Very little oil is used in making the above item. Can be used as healthy snacks for children. Being a low calorie item beneficial for the other members of the family. Maize if full of protein. Barley as well as Sorghum has ample amount of fiber which is easily digestible. The recipe is economically viable.

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