Jowar Fada (Sorghum dalia) Lapsi

Name:  Bharati R Soni (Patani)

Address: 101 Aakar flats, Janta Nagar Road, Pavapuri, Ahmedabad – 3800061

Phone No:  9427020181, 7802918211, 9427020181


Jowar (Sorghum)  Dalia – 1 cup

Ghee – 1 tsp

Organic jaggery – ½  cup

Elaichi (cardamom) powder – 2 tsp

Raisins – 2 tsp

Roasted and crushed oats – 2 tsp

Dessicated coconut


First clean the jowar dalia. Take the ghee in a thick bottomed pan and roast the dalia till it turns light brown. In a separate vessel boil 3 o 4 cups of water. Once the dalia is roasted, add the boiling water to the dalia on medium heat. Keep stirring the dalia till it cooks well. You may add more water if required. Once the dalia gets cooked it will soak all the water. At this point add the jaggery and a little ghee. Keep stirring the mixture. When it becomes a homogenous mixture, add the raisins, oats and elaichi powder. Garnish with dessicated coconut and raisins or nuts as per your wish. This lapsi can be served hot or cold.

Medicinal/Nutritive value:

Jowar is low in calories and high in phosphorous content. It is also high in fibre content and very easy to digest.

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