Name:  Parita Bhavesh Maniar

Address: 4, Samay Apartment, Shreepath Society, near Darpan six roads, Ahmedabad – 380009

Phone No:  9033282452


Bajri (pearl millet) flour

Jowar (sorghum) flour

Methi (fenugreek)

Green garlic

Spring onions


Green chillies



For Lasan nu dahi:

Dahi (curds)

Crushed garlic

Hing (asafoetida)

Red chilli powder


For the Boiled Lemon Pickle:


Raw turmeric


Mango ginger

Red chilli powder



Hing (asafoetida)



 For the thepla:

Mix jowar and bajri flour. Add finely chopped green garlic and spring onions. Add ginger-green chilly paste to this flour. Add sesame seeds, red chilly powder, hing, salt and curds. Dissolve the jaggery and add it to the flour too. Knead the flour well. Now dip a linen cloth in some buttermilk and lay it over a rolling board and place a small round ball of dough over the cloth and using your hands, gently press the dough. Now fry the thepla over a tawa.

For Lasan nu dahi:

In a vessel the blended dahi. Now tempering, take oil in a kadai. Add crushed garlic and red chilly powder. Pour the tempering over the dahi and add salt.

For boiled lemon pickle:

Steam the lemon by placing them in a vessel with holes. Steam them in a pressure cooker. Once the lemon is cooked and shrinks, keep them aside to cool. Make slivers from raw turmeric, mango turmeric, ginger and green chillies. Now apply salt over them and then squeeze them to remove excess water. Now make small pieces from the cooled lemons and add all this to the lemons. Add sugar, salt, red chilly powder, hing and oil to this. The tasty pickle is ready to eat.

Medicinal/Nutritive value:

Bajri is high in fibre and helps cure cancer and control cholesterol.

Jowar is high in protein and improves immunity.

Raw Turmeric is good for the liver, brain and heart.

Jaggery provides strength and helps in constipation.

Lemon is high in Vitamin C content.

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