Sattvik 2010 – 8th Traditional Food Festival

Sattvik 2010

Savouring Tradition, Sustaining Diversity

8th Traditional Food Festival

Date: 18 to 20 December, 2010

Place: New Campus, IIM, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

For all the food lovers of Ahmedabad, the destination was IIM’s new campus, when the Sattvik- 2010, the 8th Traditional Food Festival was organized from 18th-20th December, 2010. The food festival had 87 stalls with participation from various states like Chattisgarh, Bihar, Assam, Rajasthan and Orissa, apart from Gujarat. About 45000 visitors tasted the traditional delicacies like bamboo rice and pickle, paranthas of Saijan (Saragva) leaves and, Surati ponk. Contemporary recipes with traditional ingredients like multigrain pizzas, nutritious products of Amla, Aloe vera and cactus fruits were also there to tantalise the taste buds. A quiz which highlighted the pros and cons of fast food viz-a-viz traditional food was conducted for the children, along with drawing competitions, creative games, pottery wheels where children could express their creativity and more. There was also a recipe competition to create awareness for food from rarely or uncultivated plants. Indigenous organic grains, fresh vegetables, books on ayurvedic and herbal practices were available for people to see and taste and learn as well as take home. On display were innovations from NIF to see and churn people’s mind to seek innovative solutions to their problems. This food festival was started eight years ago to popularise the vanishing traditional recipes, create market based incentives for the conservation of agrobiodiversity and incentivise the farmers to adopt organic ways of growing crops through consumer support…for more download report

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