Roti should reach door to door like milk and newspaper. This is the vision of lady entrepreneur Sonal DIxit. Her stay at Singapore for more than 10 years made her realize the importance of Roti in a working women’s’ life. When she came back to India she made her mind to start a new business through making Rotis.

Why Roti?

While growing up she observed that the women of her family woke up at 4am to prepare food for the entire family. The same case she observed with her mother and it when it came upon her, she questioned this concept. Her concerns were serious, in these changing times where women are not just homemakers, how will they balance their work and house roles?

She refused to allow compromise in nutrition and hence came up with her own brilliant concept. She realized that ease in availability of Roti, Bhakri, Thepla will help youngsters avoiding pizza, burger, sandwich etc. Wheat grain and wheat products don’t fall in taxation category, hence it was easier for her to kickstart her idea. With the support of her husband, they established whole process of Roti making stepwise right from selecting wheat to the final product. Along the process they made additions of Bhakhri and Thepla along with Roti. She is very particular about size, texture, hygiene; packing etc. She has employed 5 to 7 and also gives special training to staff when they resume.

She recalls her first participation in a food exhibition was at Khyadhya Khurak in 2010. Immediately thereafter she associated herself with the Sattvik Food Festival and continued to not only participate every year, but also reinvent her food and recipes. Sattvik Food Festival was an excellent platform for her to prepare Roti using different flours.

She currently also has a website and developed a software which is a step ahead from basic. Keeping day-to-day hygiene in kitchen and timely delivery are two challenges for her as none of her food products contain preservatives and colours.

She wants to reach customers directly through Roti outlets. Her vision is to establish 15-20 outlets in Ahmedabad by 2020 and moving further at Baroda, Surat and then other cities of India.

Her idea has been appreciated by many and earned her respect in the society. Each day she works harder and smarter with support from the SRISTI family, which has helped her broaden her horizon.

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